Tampa could be one of America's
first Sharia compliant cities.
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Welcometotampafl.org is a project of Florida Family Association that is designed to warn current and future citizens of Tampa about the growing acceptance of Islamic policy and Sharia law by local officials.

Islamic forces are weighing hard on the traditional public policies in Great Britain and pushing for the same stronghold in Germany and France.  Similar forces are achieving significant Islamic changes in Dearborn and Hamtramck Michigan and other American cities including Tampa

Tampa officials and political allies who hold strong progressive beliefs are embracing and empowering Islamic rules without regard for how their implementation could seriously diminish traditional American values for years to come.   The beliefs and values of elected officials as in the case in Tampa undoubtedly play a determining role in whether Islam will advance.

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All donations made through this site via Floridafamily.org will be used exclusively for promoting, servicing and maintaining Welcometotampafl.org.  Contributions are tax deductible and confidential.  Florida Family Association is incorporated in the State of Florida as a non-profit corporation. Florida Family Association is a tax-exempt 501C3 corporation under the Internal Revenue Service Code. Contributions made to Florida Family Association are tax deductible and confidential.

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